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Reflections on a Robocall

The phone rang yesterday afternoon. And if my shower wasn’t already running and if I wasn’t ready to step into it, I would have pulled out one of my old reporter’s notebooks and started taking notes…because I was rather astonished.

A live voice came on, and the caller announced he was about to hand me off to Dick Morris. You know Dick Morris, the former political adviser to Bill Clinton who now writes books with titles like Revolt!: How to Defeat Obama and His Socialist Policies. Well, I was handed off to Dick Morris, or rather robo-Dick Morris, and within a few short sentences, I heard an exhortation to members of the “Tea Party” and “patriots,” a reference to Citizens United, as well as the name of his book, which, you’ll note puts “Obama” and “Socialist” in the same phrase, now that “socialist” has become a really nasty word.  (My book title, by contrast, refers to  “Mother” and “Moderates,” which I know already puts me at a disadvantage. ) 

Anyway,  Morris’s robo-buzzwords were enough to get me to hang up, whereupon I had several thoughts. Continue reading



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