Speech at the University of Michigan

Last fall, I spoke at the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library at the University of Michigan as part of the University of Michigan Press’s Author Series. If you’re interested in the video of that presentation, click here.



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2 responses to “Speech at the University of Michigan

  1. Jerome Fine

    happened to run across this article. after reading some of your comments, I found myself being transported in time back to 1972-73 when we inhabited Mason Hall and ran around the countryside doing research for our senior papers. I often think about Shaw Livermore and our group in Honors College. Actually, we could do our own version of the Big Chill.
    I knew you had gone to the Washington Post, then I lost track. For me, law school and a career in real estate. But I still read as much history as I can get my hands on.
    jerry fine

  2. Jerry. Good to hear from you. Yes, I remember Shaw Livermore, though ironically, cannot remember the precise subject of that seminar!

    Interesting timing on your message. I was back in Michigan two weekends ago because my book won an award from the Historical Society of Michigan. In my “acceptance speech,” I thanked the History Department, and in particular Kitty Sklar, my thesis adviser, for making history so interesting that I decided to change my main major from journalism. I recently got reconnected with Kitty and am now doing a project for her, related to the 1970 HEW investigation of sex discrimination at Michigan.

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