When Elly Peterson retired as assistant chairman of the Republican National Committee (then the highest post a woman could hold in the party) in 1970, she became involved with Common Cause, the bipartisan, “good government” organization that was just getting started. She also poured out some of her frustrations in the first draft of the memoir she would later self-publish for her family and friends.

When I retired from my 9-5 job about six years ago, I, too, looked around for something constructive to do, and became involved in a project of the League of Women Voters of Virginia, related to promoting reform of the redistricting process.

Virginia must complete its redistricting plans earlier than most states because our legislative elections will be held this coming fall. Sadly, despite several promising initiatives to promote alternative redistricting plans, the General Assembly did its deal, and adopted the Republican plan for the Republican-dominated House of Delegates and the Democratic plan for the Democratic-dominated Senate.

Like Elly did, I decided to “vent” at a keyboard. I was pleased that The Washington Post decided to run my “vent” on today’s Editorial page.


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